How are Cape CARES’ efforts helping to reduce poverty?

“1.4 billion people are afflicted with Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). That’s more than twice the population of the United States.”

One NTD, colloquially known as ‘worms’, is prevalent among the people that Cape CARES’ volunteers treat at our clinics. The medication we use to treat this disease is inexpensive and available in Honduras. “If treated regularly, school attendance among Honduran children can be increased by 25 percent.”

It’s a no-brainer!! Improved health among the overall population will ultimately lead to reduced poverty.

 You can help Cape CARES in its efforts to reduce poverty by…..

  • Raising awareness of the prevalence of NTDs --- The collective disease burden of NTDs may be higher than that of HIV/AIDS, malaria, or TB. In spite of that, efforts made to treat NTDs have received far less attention and support from the international community than these “better known” diseases.
  • Educating people about NTDs and the correlation between NTDs and poverty
  • Pointing out the relatively simple and low-cost means by which we can treat and eventually eliminate NTDs
  • Sending a gift to Cape CARES today to help defray the cost of the medication that treats the most common NTD we see in southern Honduras

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Cape CARES is an independent, nonprofit humanitarian organization. It is unaffiliated with and not a subsidiary of any other organization.