Cape CARES sends volunteer teams to its clinics — located in remote, mountainous areas of Honduras — to provide free medical and dental care to people who have no access to care. Because we return to our clinics 3 times per year, we are able to offer follow-up care to the men, women, and children we treated on previous visits.

We provide skills, supplies, and the educational training necessary to achieve a higher level of health and well-being for the villagers. With the ongoing enhancement of our services, we are able to implement preventive health care programs.

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The Board of Directors at Cape CARES stands in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives.   

We support those who are speaking out against the longstanding pattern of systemic racism in the United States resulting in violent deaths of Black People and serious health disparities in Black Communities.

We understand that systemic racism also affects the health of people and communities around the world including Black and Non-Black Honduran people in the communities that we accompany in Honduras.

    We commit
  • to act intentionally to disband racist structures and practices,
  • to align with global best practices by following the ideals of collaborative community involvement in Honduras,
  • to actively work to diversify our board and our volunteers, and
  • to continue antiracist education and practices within our organization

Honduran Brigade Update.....We do not plan to have any more brigades in 2020. Our hope is that we will be able to return in early 2021, so we can continue our support of San Marcos and Los Encinitos. Though we have canceled our brigades, we have continued to pay the local workers who depend on our brigades, for the periods when our teams would have been active in 2020.

Thinking of Volunteering? - If you would like to help Cape Cares with its primary care focus by joining a brigade, please email us at or call us at 508-631-4848. If you would like to complete a volunteer form to let us know about your intersts, and preferred travel times, the Trip Dates link below will take you there!

Cape CARES is an independent, nonprofit humanitarian organization. It is unaffiliated with and not a subsidiary of any other organization.